Friday, 15 May 2015

Questions about Tainan


1. What are the traditions of the Taiwanese people ?
2. Do they still practice these traditions in the modern days?
3. What are the beliefs of the Taiwanese?

Ming Yee:

1. What do they think of their own country?
2. What are the things they are unhappy about the country?
3. Are the schools there very stressful?

Xin Yi:

1. What do Taiwanese usually do when they have free time? Do they play computer games or do outdoor activities?
2. Do Taiwanese have examinations like PSLE or O Levels to determine which schools they go to? Or can they just choose what school they want?
3.  Are they allowed to go out with friends to like night market till night time usually? Or are they restricted to hang out with friends by their parents?


1. How is the education like in Taiwan? Is it stressful like China? Or does it focus on holistism? 
2. How is the standard of living like in Taiwan? Is it easy to earn a living to pay for living expenses? Is the job competition competitive? 
3. What are some personal/common beliefs? 

Jing Heng:

1. What is the average cost of living in Taiwan?
2. What are some traditional beliefs in Taiwan (Do and Donts) 
3. Do the people in Taiwan celebrate the same festivals as the people in Singapore?


1. How much the usual groceries there cost in Singapore Dollars? (Including daily necessities such as bread, milk, vegetables, soaps etc.) Compare it with Singapore market prices and why do they differ/are they similar? Is it because the difference in the economy?
2. What is the average income of a Taiwanese working adult? What are their main occupations? Do different locations in the country mean that different people have different sources of income? What are the taxes and bills all citizens usually have to pay? (Eg. Near coastline - fishermen)
3. What are the school fees there like? Do the parents need to pay a lot of money to raise a kid? How the government in Taiwan make sure that the school fees are affordable?

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