Monday, 18 May 2015

Cost of Living in Singapore

Cost of standard 4/5 room HDB flat (around 90-100 sq m) in Punggol:
"Matilda Court & Waterway Sunray (Standard Flats) $290,000 to $430,000"
"Current cost of a brand new Toyota Vios
Elegance (A) $119.:888
Grande (E) $124.888
Local Supermarket - Price of:
-Cheapest 10kg packet rice: "$18.80
-Cheapest 1 litre drinking mineral/distilled water: $0.60
-Cheapest fresh whole chicken (refrigerated not frozen): $6.80
-Cheapest 1 litre of cooking oil: $8
-Do we provide plastic bags and how are they used?: Yes, they are used for putting our groceries.
-Who are the cashiers? (Age, nationality) What kind of service do they provide?: They are mostly Chinese, but there are still Indian and Malay cashiers. They ages range around 60. They sum up the total price of all the groceries, check whether we have discounts or free gifts and also place the groceries into the plastic bags. 
-Cost of school fee: $28
-Price of one litre if petrol (95 unleaded): Pump price $2.190 (Updated 14 May 2015)"
-Price of a movie ticket on a weekend: $12.50
-Average salary of a Singaporean: $3770
-One big mac meal: $7.60

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