Monday, 18 May 2015

2H CID Group Presentation Summaries

Today, all six groups from our class chose one member to present to the the rest of the five groups while the rest of the members went around the classroom to hear five more presentations from other groups. We had more knowledge on the places of where we are going in Tainan after this lesson.

Here are the Presentation Summaries:

Group 1: Eternal Golden Castle
Defensive castle in Tainan built by Qing (castle was more than 100 years)
Sino Jap war - Qing lost Taiwan to Japan and fortress was lost its military value
Japanese sold all canons to fund the war and was humiliation to the Qing.
Returned to Taiwan
Renovated and used for tourism

Group 2: Liu He Night Market
Kaohsiung City lies almost entirely south of the Tropic of Cancer and has a tropical monsoon climate
dry in the winter and hot and wet in the summer/autumn.
climatic changes are not dramatic
When raining, night-markets remains boisterous as usual
Specialty is seafood
Clothing, accessories, souvenirs 
30 minutes to walk through 
Group 3: Anping old fort
Near seaside
New Zeelandia named by Dutch
Outer fort stored food and ammunition
Now a museum
Priority was to strengthen defenses
Previously know as orange city as it has orangy wall 

Group 4: 921 Earthquake Museum
21 Sep 1999 hence 921
7.3 magnitude 
2321 died 
Located in Wufeng, at former Junior High School
Government preserved earthquake phenomenon 
5 halls
Has images of earthquake
Teaches earthquake safety
Give knowledge of refuge and rescue

Group 5: 10 drums culture village
Suburbs of Tainan, isolated from bustling city
Ten drums art redesign the culture village 
Shier (male) Mascot open n optimistic vigorous n energetic
Guwa (female) Mascot cute beauty n dexterous 
Chimney catches attention
Wisdom left in architectures by predecessors 

Group 6: Anping Old street (Yangping street)
Oldest street among Tainan
Many gaming stores, food stores and souvenirs 
Clod houses were common in old Tainan society (made of clay, stems, rice)
Western houses used by Dutches
Prone to erosion by rain 
 Hence would spread like mineral on wall 
Sword lion pictures. Lions are auspicious animals . Swords scare bad stuff away. 
These were effective and everyone has a picture of it in their homes

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