Monday, 29 June 2015


Group Task #1 Cost of living
1. Cost of a standard 4/5 room apartment (around 90-100 sq m):
Urban area NT$25,628,625 (SGD$1,115,977)
Suburb NT$13,784,500 (SGD$600,234)

2. Current cost of a brand new Toyota Vios:
NT$499,000 - $529,000 (SGD$21,728 - $23,034)

3. Prices of the following from a local supermarket
- Cheapest 10 kg packet rice: NT$365 (SGD$15.89)
-Cheapest 1litre drinking water: NT$50 (SGD$2.18)
-Cheapest refrigerated fresh whole chicken: NT$358 (SGD$15.59)
- Cheapest 1litre cooking oil: NT$93 (SGD$4.05)
- Do we provide plastic bags and how are they used: They are provided but we have to put in the groceries ourselves
- Cashiers; Mostly middle ages locals
- 4 brands found in Singapore Supermarket - Philips, Colgate, Anlene, Oreo
- Singapore brands in the market: Akira

4. Buddy's school fee - NT$7000 (SGD$304.81)

5. 1litre of petrol - NT$32.75 (SGD$1.56)

6. 1 movie ticket on a weekend - NT$250 (SGD$10.89)

7. Average salary of a working adult in Tainan - Disposable salary after tax NT$26,666 (SGD$1,161)

8. McDonald's Big Mac Meal - NT$109 (SGD$4.75)

9. Find out about the general feeling people have with the cost and standard of living at their city. What are they most unhappy about?

Group Task 2: Education
Photo Montage of "School life and school spirit" in Taiwan: As you move around the school, take photos to represent their school life and spirit. Get enough photos to do a Mini Photo Journal Entitled: School Life

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